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The new era of putting the power of positivity behind beauty; fearlessly embracing more of the things that make each and every one of us so unique; you are the trend.

We want customers to master their beauty with CoCo’s elevated and exclusive beauty PRODUCTS.

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We believe that finding the right brands is important for your beauty routine and unique identity. COCO House of Beauty is dedicated to provide exceptional products and services. We are highly qualified and passionate beauty professionals with an in-depth knowledge of our products and a genuine desire to offer premium cosmetics to you as our customer.

And be the first choice as a business partner for beauty brands. We are sourcing only the most exclusive, highest quality products for our beauty professionals. We are inviting you to get to know and love the COCO Difference.





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We all know what it means to have received good customer service when you need help, are looking for information, or need things to be clarified. Therefore, we make every effort to explain our products and processes as clearly as possible. We are easily reachable by mail, chat and Whatsapp, as well as true our socials like Instagram. So if you have any questions, comments, tips, tricks and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us beauty!

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